The Dalí & Figueres Free Tour won’t be operating until further notice.

Dalí & Figueres Free Tour 


Dalí & Figueres Free Tour


Discover Figueres, the birthplace of Salvador Dalí. Get to know its interesting history, tour its old town and marvel at the Theater-Museum.

  When: Thursday and Saturday
  Where: La Rambla, Figueres
w  Languages: Spanish

  Price: Free
}  Time: 10:00
  Duration: 1,5 hours

We will start the tour with a historical introduction to the city. The Figueres area was already populated by the Iberians more than 2000 years ago, until the Romans arrived. Even so, much of the center of Figueres developed during medieval times.

Did you know that the inventor of the submarine was born in this city? We will start by talking about Narcís Monturiol, the main monument on the Rambla. We will then visit some of the most emblematic and important modernist buildings in the center, such as the new Theater and other important family houses.

From there we will go to the two houses in which Salvador Dalí was born and lived and, later, through some narrow streets, squares that had been markets and a beautiful theater, we will arrive at the Town Hall area: the liveliest part of the city, the heart of the historic center.

There we will see the old Church and, next to it, the imposing Dalí Museum, which had been an old theatre and had a tragic outcome. Find out why the painter decided to locate his museum in this exact place!

Highlights of the Dalí & Figueres Free Tour

  First Free Tour in Figueres!
N  Discover one of the most important cities in Girona
N  Be surprised with the world’s biggest surrealist building
N  Admire the modernist architectural heritage
N  Get to know the origins and life of the genius Salvador Dalí

What we’ll see in the Dalí & Figueres Free Tour

  Historical centre
  Dalí’s birthplace
  Garden Theatre

  Church of Sant Pere
  Salleres i Cusí House
  Figueres Town Hall
  Dalí Museum (outdoors)

Meeting Point

  Meeting Point: La Rambla, right in front of the Museu de l’Empordà.

You’ll see a statue of Narcís mOnturiol; the guide will be right next to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your tours be free?

Our Free Tours are based on tips only! Part of this will go to cover marketing and operational expenses. In this way we achieve great quality in the tours, immense guest satisfaction and that we also make sure that, regardless of the budget, everyone can enjoy Girona as much as we do.

When does the tour run?

The Dalí & Figueres Free Tour runs, in Spanish, on Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:00.

How long is the tour?

The Dalí & Figueres Free Tour lasts for approximately 1 hour and a half, but it can be a little longer depending on the rhythm of the group.

Where does the tour end?

The Dalí & Figueres Free Tour finishes right in front of the entrance to the Theatre-Museum.

Does the tour operate if it rains?

No! TheDalí & Figueres Free Tour is cancelled in case of rain.

Is it suitable for people with reduced mobility or babies in a stroller?

Yes! TheDalí & Figueres Free Tour runs through flat terrain almost in its entirety, except for a flight of stairs almost at the end of the tour, which is avoidable by taking a diversion.

We're a big group. Can we still join?

We always try not to leave anyone out but, sometimes with large groups, it is difficult to organize the tour and the guides. We always ask that, if you are a group of more than 6 people, you contact us by mail or WhatsApp and we will see how we can solve it.

Interested in a Private Tour?

If you want more flexibility and a dedicated guide for you and your group, you can book this tour as a private tour totally in English.

This way we can start at the day and time that suits you and have a much more personal experience. This is also a good option for groups of more than 6 people who cannot join our Free Tours together. Send us a WhatsApp or an email and we will answer you right away.


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