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Discover Girona and its region with one of our fabulous tours in English!

Girona Free Tour
Primer Free Tour en Girona

Free Tour Girona

Immerse yourself in our history, traditions, lifestyle and a lot more in the first Free Tour in Girona!

  Where: Plaça Independència
  When:   english  Tue, Thu & Sat
}  Time: 10:00 from 1st Apr to 31st Oct
11:00 from 1st Nov to 31st Mar
  Duration: 2 hours


 Cathedral of Girona
Jewish Quarter
 Sant Feliu Basilica
Old town (Barri Vell)
Mercadal & Independència

Free Tour Misterios y Leyendas

Mysteries & Legends Free Tour

Legends and hidden stories of the city: secrets, murders, hidden maps... Discover the other Girona!

  Where: Plaça Independència
  When: Tuesday to Saturday
}  Time: 17:00 from 1st Apr to 31st Oct
16:00 from 1st Nov to 31st Mar
  Duration: 1,5 hours


 Sant Feliu Basílica
 Game of Thrones
Charlemagne Walls
Cathedral of Girona
 Lions, witches, tunnels and a lot more!

Tour por la Catedral de Girona

Girona Cathedral

Joint he tour and discover our spectacular Cathedral from outside and inside... Entrance ticket included!

  Where: Plaça de la Catedral
  When: Tue, Fri, Sat & Sun
}  Time: 12:30
  Duration: 1 hour
  Price: 18€, children free


 Gate of the Apostles

Girona Prohibida Tour

Game of Thrones

Get to know why the acclaimed HBO series chose Girona and visit all the filming locations.

  Where: Cul de la Lleona
  When: Wednesday & Saturday
}  Time: 17:30
  Duration: 2 hours
  Price: 16€, children free


 All locations
 King's Landing
Cathedral and Hight Sept of Baelor

Museu Dalí a Figueres

Dalí & Figueres Free Tour

Discover Figueres! Walk its historical center and get to know the life of its most famous citizen: Salvador Dalí.

  Where: Rambla, Figueres
  When: Thursday & Saturday
}  Time: 10:00
  Duration: 2 hours

 Historical center
 House of Salvador Dalí
 Dalí Theatre-Museum
Free Tour Sant Feliu

Besalú Free Tour

Marvel yourself with the Jewish and medieval past of one of the most well-preserved towns in Girona.

  Where: beginning of the Romanesque Bridge, Besalú
  When:  Saturdays of Jul & Aug
}  Time:   11:00
  Duration: 1,5 hours


 Romanesque Bridge
Historical Center
Jewish Quarter
 Church of Sant Pere

Free Tour Sant Feliu

Sant Feliu Free Tour

Explore one of the liveliest, most historical towns, with an excellent quailty of life, in the Costa Brava!

  Where: Casino La Constancia, Sant Feliu de Guíxols
  When:  Saturdays of Jul & Aug
}  Time:   english  10:00
  Duration: 1,5 hours

 Casino La Constancia
Historical Center
Monastery of Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Girona Prohibida Tour

Private walking tours

Book your private walking tour with us and enjoy a personalised service!

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 Own dedicated guide
 Perfect for schools & interest groups
Choose day and time
 Taylor the tour to your needs