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Discover Girona and its region with one of our fabulous tours in English!

Primer Free Tour en Girona

Free Tour Girona

Immerse yourself in our history, traditions, lifestyle and a lot more in the first Free Tour in Girona!

  Where: Plaça Independència
  When:   english  Thursday
}  Time:  11:00
  Duration: 2 hours


 Cathedral of Girona
Jewish Quarter
 Sant Feliu Basilica
Old town (Barri Vell)
Mercadal & Independència

NEW History, Legends and Food

Learn about Girona’s history, discover our legends, and sample the best local delicacies along the way!

  Where: Plaça Independència
  When:  english  Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat
}  Time: 11:00
  Duration: 2 hours


Girona Cathedral
Sant Feliu Basílica
Local food tasting
Onyar river & bridges
Old Town & Jewish Quarter

   28€, kids up to 15 free

Historical Girona

Dive into the history of Girona with the help of a local historian and live the past so present in the city. 

  Where: Plaça Independència
  When:  español  Saturday
}  Time: 16:00
  Duration: 2,5 hours


 Roman Gerunda
 Carolingian City
 Medieval past
 Jewish Quarter
 Barri Vell & Mercadal

Besalú Free Tour

Marvel yourself with the Jewish and medieval past of one of the most well-preserved towns in Girona.

  Where: start of the bridge, Besalú
  When:  español  Mon, Wed & Fri
}  Time: 11:00
  Duration: 1,5 hours


 Romanesque Bridge
Historical Center
Jewish Quarter
 Church of Sant Pere

Pals Free Tour

Relive centuries of wonderfully preserved history on top of a hill at the heart of the Costa Brava.

  Where: Ca la Pruna, Pals
  When:  english  Thursday & Sunday
}  Time: 10:00
  Duration: 1,5 hours


 Old Town
Walls, towers and bestorres
Church of Sant Pere

Private walking tours

Book your private walking tour with us and enjoy a personalized service in any of our locations!

w  Languages:   english    català    español    français    portugues


 Own dedicated guide
 Perfect for schools & interest groups
Choose day and time
 Taylor the tour to your needs

Dalí & Figueres Free Tour

Discover Figueres! Walk its historical center and get to know the life of its most famous citizen: Salvador Dalí.

  Where: Rambla, Figueres
  When: Thursday & Saturday
}  Time: 10:00
  Duration: 1,5 hours

 Historical center
 House of Salvador Dalí
 Dalí Theatre-Museum

Cadaqués Free Tour

Discover, perhaps, the most beautiful town in the Costa Brava with our 100% local guide.

  Where: Dalí statue, Cadaqués
  When: Wed, Fri & Sun
}  Time: 10:30
  Duration: 1,5 hours


Historical Center
Church of Santa Maria
Typical sweets