How to go from Barcelona to Girona

How to go from Barcelona to Girona

If you’re coming from Barcelona and wonder what is the best option to get to Girona, we recommend the train. Below we solve some doubts and give you some recommendations that we hope will help you!

What is the best option to go from Barcelona to Girona?

By both car and bus we can find traffic jams, especially when leaving Barcelona, in addition to the cost of gasoline and tolls if we are going by private car. The train is undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient method, as well as the least polluting.

There are constant delays in conventional train schedules. This is why we recommend the high-speed train: although more expensive, the AVE-AVANT delivers guaranteed punctuality and quality.

5 Are there direct trains from Barcelona to Girona?

The only non-stop direct trains are the AVE-AVANT. The rest of the trains from Barcelona to Girona stop in cities and towns en route.

5 How long is the train ride from Barcelona to Girona?

It depends on whether we take conventional or high-speed train. The Regional (R), the slowest and stopping at all stations, usually takes 1h35′. The Half Distance (MD) uses the same tracks and, with fewer stops, takes approximately 1h10′. The fastest is the AVE-AVANT, the high-speed train, which takes only 40 minutes.

Before taking the train

Doubts about which train you should take? Where to take it? Find the answers here!

5 Where do you take the train from Barcelona to Girona?

The best option is Sants Station. This is the only station from where the AVE-AVANT high-speed trains depart, as well as being the most important railway node in Barcelona. There are a few more stations, but of the R and MD trains. The most central one is the Passeig de Gràcia station. We can also go to Clot-Aragó, the third station from which you can take the conventional train to Girona.

5 What’s the difference between AVE and AVANT?

In short: the price. On the Barcelona-Girona-Figueres high-speed section, each high-speed train has AVE and AVANT carriages.

Whenever we buy a high-speed ticket to go from Barcelona to Girona we will try to buy the AVANT, much cheaper than the AVE.

5 How much is the train from Barcelona to Girona?

Prices vary depending on the type of train. The cheapest are the R, with an approximate price of €9 each way. MD trains cost around €11. The AVANT costs about €17 one way, €25 return.

Discounts apply to students, young people, groups, large and/or single-parent families, and the elderly.

5 Where can I get the tickets?

For R and MD trains, it is not necessary to book in advance, and tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices and machines at the stations. You must validate the ticket before boarding the train. You can check schedules and prices at Rodalies de Catalunya.

For AVE and AVANT trains it is necessary to book in advance, at least 10 minutes before the departure of the train. You can check schedules and buy tickets at RENFE.

5 At what time do the first and last trains leave between Barcelona and Girona?

The first AVANT train leaves Barcelona-Sants, during the week, at 6:00 in the morning and, on weekends, at 7:05 in the morning.
The last AVANT train leaves Girona, both during the week and at the weekend, at around 21:00.

There are trains approximately every hour. Do not forget to check the updated schedules in RENFE.

Once in Girona

Congratulations! You have made it to our wonderful city. Now you can enjoy what Girona has to offer and even join one of our tours, with the starting point only 10 minutes walking from the Girona train station.

5 How far is it between the Girona train station and the center of Girona?

Girona Station is very close to the Barri Vell (historical quarter). The distance is less than 1km, and it usually takes about 10 minutes. It is not necessary to take a taxi, although if you have mobility problems or are heavily loaded with luggage, from the Girona train station there are a taxi and a bus linking it to downtown.

Buses L1, L2, L5 and L11 link Girona Station with the Post Office building, next to Plaça Independència. The ticket costs about €1.40 and takes between 10 and 20 minutes. Our Free Tours start right there!

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