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The definitive guide to Girona in Game of Thrones

The acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones was shot in Girona for part of the 6th season between, August and September 2015. This page will be very useful to organize your trip to our dear Girona in Game of Thrones.

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Game of Thrones filming locations in Girona

The production company filmed on various locations in the Barri Vell (Old Town). They closed streets, put up high fences so that nobody could see anything, and there was a high secrecy as well as a real blockade in the center. Scenes were shot in a total of 7 different locations, set in 3 places in Westeros and Essos .

King’s Landing

The most spectacular scenes were filmed on the Cathedral Stairs, where Jamie Lannister climbs on a horse to avoid Margaery Tyrell‘s walk of shame. The Cathedral is the Great Sept of Baelor, and there are also scenes in the Sobreportes Gate and the street that goes down, Pujada del Rei Martí. The cloister of the Sant Pere de Galligants monastery also makes a brief appearance.


Most of the scenes that were shot in Girona were of Arya Stark fleeing from the Waif, through streets such as Claveria, Sant Llorenç, Escola Pia and the Arab Baths. Not that far away, behind the Catedal Arya is blind and begs for money, and Jaqen H’ghar appears.

Outside the Baths a market was set up, where Arya buys a ticket to leave Braavos by boat. In Plaça dels Jurats Arya attends a burlesque play about the death of King Joffrey and, a little further on on the Galligants Bridge, Arya is stabbed and falls into the “mighty” river.


The only scene that was filmed in Girona of Oldtown was in the Sant Pere de Galligants monastery, which was the Library. Samwell Tarly arrives there with Eli and his son to study to be the maester of Castle Black.

Images of Game of Thrones in Girona

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Self-guided tour through
Girona in Game of Thrones

Map of Game of Thrones in Girona

The following map will help you on your quest around the city trying to reach all the filming locations of the series. Don’t miss even a single one!




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